Pompeo: The Middle East Is not What It Used to Be

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo warned President-elect Joe Biden against returning to the nuclear deal with Iran, saying that circumstances have radically changed in the Middle East since the deal was struck in 2015.

Pompeo expressed, in an interview, his concern about the candidates to assume key positions in the future Biden administration, condemning the policies of former President Barack Obama’s administration towards Tehran.

Regional, hoping that, “Regardless of who will head the US government in 2021, he will realize that the Middle East in 2021 is no longer what it was in 2015, and satisfying the Iranian regime will only lead to the emergence of risks to the American people.”
Biden had previously announced his intention to return to the nuclear agreement from which the Trump administration unilaterally withdrew in 2018, in the event that Iran, in return, returned to fully implement its responsibilities under the deal.

Source: Agencies


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