Yemen’s Minister of Health calls UN to save the lives of newly born conjoined twins

Minister of Public Health and Population in the National Salvation Government, Dr. Taha al-Mutawakel, called on the United Nations to provide air transport through Sana’a airport urgently to the conjoined twins who were recently born in Sabeen hospital in Sana’a, accoding to althawrah.

He made the humanitarian appeal to WHO, humanitarian organisations, the United Nations, the Red Cross and UNICEF.

Al-Mutawakel further called on all international organisations to urgently intervene to save the lives of the newly born Siamese twins, because their condition is serious and unstable and because there are no means or specialised centers due to the devastating health system in Yemen caused by the aerial bombardments and the blockade imposed by the Saudi-led aggression.

The Minister of Health condemned the blockade imposed by the Saudi-American aggression alliance on the airport.

He affirmed that the United Nations has failed to carry out its commitments to Yemen’s children.

“Whoever kills a people with siege and aggression cannot claim humanity in such case,” he said.

“The one who besieges the Yemeni people, closes airports in the faces of patients and travelers, and prevents ships laden with medicine, fuel and food from entering the Yemeni ports, cannot be humane in the case of the Siamese twins,” he explained.

He added that the blockade imposed on Yemen and the bombardments of the infrastructure of health facilities, has caused the collapse of the health system and brought it to the lowest level of medical services, and exacerbated the suffering of thousands of patients who are now in dire need of travel and treatment abroad.


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