FM refutes allegations of Saudi representative to Security Council

The claims of Saudi Arabia’s permanent representative to the United Nations that the Salvation Government’s armed forces had targeted vital interests in the Saudi depth, and threatened the trade sector therein were refuted on Sunday by the Foreign Minister Hisham Sharaf.

This came in a letter he sent to President of the Security Council for December 2020, Jerry Matjila, confirmeing that Saudi Arabia’s representative to the United Nations ignored that the Kingdom had led an aggressive military coalition for nearly six years, which caused the killing and displacement of hundreds of thousands of civilians.

Sharaf affirmed that the Salvation Government and the armed forces are exercising their natural right to self-defense, which is guaranteed in the international law, the United Nations Charter and divine laws, pointing out that the armed forces target military places and vital economic facilities that move the mechanism of aggression while being keen to avoid targeting civilians.

In the letter, he reiterated the desire of the Supreme Political Council and the National Salvation Government to enter into a real and integrated peace process through serious and courageous steps to stop the aggression and lift the siege.


تليقرام انصار الله
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