Health Ministry calls UN to save the lives of the Siamese twins

The attempts of some international organisations to use the Siamese twins suffering as a way to beautify the ugly face of the aggressive forces which have invaded Yemen was rejected by the Yemeni Ministry of Health has expressed its categorical

The World Health Organisation (WHO) had expressed its willingness to transfer the Siamese twins abroad, but it became clear that it wanted to transfer them to the King Salman Center in Saudi Arabia, The Director of the Health Office in Sana’a, Dr. Mutahar Al-Marwani, told Al-Masirah news channel on Monday.

He said that the World Health Organisation’s offer to transfer the Siamese twins to Saudi Arabia provokes the Yemeni People, as it seems to try and whitewash Saudi Arabia’s crimes against Yemen and its children.

He stressed that some international organisations “seek to beautify the image of the criminal Saudi regime.”

Dr. Al-Marwani stated that a new contact has been made UNICEF, to transport the Siamese twins outside of Yemen

The Director noted that several Yemeni expatriates living abroad have already expressed their desire to pay the expenses of the treatment of the Siamese twins abroad.


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