Al-Junaid: Aggression coalition’s fact has become exposed to people of occupied provinces

The Deputy Prime Minister for National Vision Affairs, Head of the Executive Office of the Vision Department, Mahmoud Al-Junaid, affirmed on Saturday that the fact of the Saudi-Emirati aggression and its ambitions has become uncovered to many people in the occupied province, according to Saba.

During his meeting in Sanaa with Aden Governor Tariq Salam, Al-Junaid indicated that the level of awareness among the Yemeni people has increased about the truth of the aggression’s aims, plans and destructive goals.

“The Yemeni people are fighting today their fateful battle in the face of aggression in defense of the homeland, its sovereignty and independence, with valor and steadfastness unmatched in the southern and eastern province,” said Al-Junaid.

In the meeting, the governor of Aden reviewed the current situation in the occupied provinces, pointing to the suffering that the people of those provinces face as a result of the occupation forces ’endeavors to extend their control over the nation’s wealth and resources.


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