The food basket project for the families of martyrs in the provinces launched

Today, Wednesday, the Martyrs Foundation in partnership with the General Authority for Zakat, launched the food basket project for the families of martyrs in most governorate

During the inauguration, in the presence of the members of officials , the Supreme Political Council Member Sultan pointed out that the security, tranquility and stability the nation enjoys is the result of the sacrifices of the great martyrs who have lost their lives in defense of the land and honor.

Al-Sama’i called on the relevant authorities, the private sector, merchants and philanthropists to support the Martyrs Foundation to enable it to serve the families of the martyrs and take care of them in all fields.

For his part, the Director of the Presidency Office, Ahmed Hamed, affirmed that the martyrs set out through starting points centered on the fact that what is happening is a struggle between truth and falsehood .. pointing to the importance of drawing lessons from their lives and moving resolutely towards decisive and accelerating victory . He also stressed that the culture of jihad and martyrdom represents a Impervious fortress against the arrogant, and a luminous approach that is followed by all the free.

Hamed thanked the General Authority for Zakat for its achievements and the disbursement of zakat funds in its legitimate banks, confirming that its diligent and great work is the result of adherence to the Qur’anic and faith teachings .

The Deputy Executive Director of the Martyrs Foundation, Abdul Salam Al-Talbi, congratulated the martyr’s anniversary, pointing to the sacredness of serving the families of the martyrs and the need to pay attention to and care for that segment in loyalty and gratitude for the sacrifice of their children.


تليقرام انصار الله
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