Events, exhibitions and visits to the families of martyrs in Al Mahwit

Al-Mahwit governor , Faisal Ahmed Haidar, and the governorate supervisor Aziz Al-Hattfi opened an exhibition of portraits of the martyrs of Hafash district as part of the anniversary.

In the same context, the governor , in a cultural event on the anniversary, praised the sacrifices of the martyrs to defend the homeland, its sovereignty and independence.

In Bani Saad, the governor and a number of officials launched exhibition and graveyard of the martyrs in Bani Saad district.

For their part, the President of the Appeals Court and a number of officials visited the martyrs exhibitions in the districts of Shibam Kawkaban and Al-Tawila.

The judicial delegation also visited the graveyads of the martyrs in Shibam Kawkaban, as well as in Al Taweelah, and they read Al-Fatiha for their pure souls, asking Allah Almighty to grant them his mercy and to support the oppressed Yemeni people.

The Governorate Security Department organized a central event to commemorate it.

An official visit was also carried out to the exhibition of the martyrs of the employees of the security services, which contained pictures and artistic aspects.

During these events and visits, officials made statements in which they said that on this anniversary we remember the culture of martyrdom, remember the lessons they gave us, and remember their great, glorious and timeless contributions. We also recall our reality and the responsibilities we bear towards it.


تليقرام انصار الله
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