Interior Ministry reveals the most prominent security achievements during 2020

Ministry of Interior announced, Monday, the most prominent security achievements during 2020.

The Ministry of Interio said that the security services had arrested and thwarted 418 sabotage and terrorist operations that were planned and financed by the aggression.

It indicated that 472 ISIS and Al-Qaeda militants were seized, 138 of them were in the Al-Baidha and Ibb governorates.

It added that the security services dismantled 212 explosive devices that were used to target the lives of citizens.

Regarding criminal offenses, Ministry of Interior statistics showed that more than 58,000 different crimes were controlled, including theft crimes.

It pointed out that the complaints center received 6,117 cases. 5777 of them were dealt with, and they were referred to the judiciary or the Inspector General and the competent authorities.

It affirmed to continue protecting, secure citizens, and to work to thwart all aggression plots targeting the security and stability of the homeland.


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