The aggression war and espionage jets launche 8888 air strikes during 2020

The Spokesman for the Registered Forces, Brigadier General Yahya Saree, revealed in a press briefing today, Monday, the total number of raids launched by the US-Saudi-Emirati aggression on various Yemeni governorates during 2020.

He confirmed that the aggession warplanes carried out over 8,888 airstrikes on 13 different Yemeni provinces during the past year alone.

He explained that Marib governorate was subjected to more than 3,621 raids, Al-Jawf governorate with more than 1981 raids, and Saada was subjected to more than 726 raids.

While the rest of the raids were on the rest of the governorates as follows: Al-Bayda (611 raids), Hajjah (496 raids), Sana’a (459) A raid), Hodeidah (324 raids), Amran (122 strikes), Amanat Al-Asimah (62 strikes), Hodeidah (46 raids), Al-Dhale` (24 raids), Taiz (two raids), and Abyan (two raids), Shabwa (two raids),he added.

Brigadier General Saree noted that among the attacks and raids of the aggression, its continuous violations come on the governorate of Hodeidah, which varied between artillery and missile strikes and striking with light and medium weapons, as well as innovations, fortifications, reinforcements, moves and offensive attempts, as well as raids and overflight.


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