Ghost of Civil War Looms Over USA: “The Sunday Times”

The UK newspaper “The Sunday Times” said in a report that the ghost of civil war looms over the United States of America, after the escalation of calls for “partition” by the forces belonging to the nationalist trend.

The newspaper considered that the talk about polarization in America after the storming of the Congress building, last Wednesday, “is an underestimation of reality, and that the partitions are much worse, and the country could be drawn into a second civil war.”

It added, “The partitions in the United States are unprecedented and cannot be reconciled, and calls for unity between the Republican and Democratic parties are no longer credible, as each side relinquishes responsibility in the end, with the disappearance of the centrist movement.”

And it continued, “The question now is not how to reconcile between Republican and Democratic, and how can they coexist together, because this is far-fetched. The difficult and real question at the same time is: How can they separate?”

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