Yemeni President stresses the importance of developing science and technology as developing the military capabilities

The head of the Supreme Political Council, Mahdi Al-Mashat, stressed, Monday, the importance of developing science and technology, as developing the military capabilities, accoding to almasirah.

During the inauguration of the Supreme Commission for Science, Technology and Innovation in Sana’a, President Al-Mashat said: Under siege and aggression, we are concerned with building the state out of a national vision, and this will only happen with everyone’s work, diligence and innovation.

We hope the Higher Authority for Science, Technology and Innovation will contribute to transfer Yemen to the ranks of developed countries, he added.

He continued, saying: We do not believe in the impossible and are able to catch up with developed countries and compete with them.

President Al-Mashat pointed out that the previous regimes worked carefully to keep Yemen a weak, dependent and consuming state, robbing the freedom, dignity and independence of them.

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