A report reveals the crimes of the US-Saudi aggression on Yemen

For more than five years, the Evil Alliance has continued its crimes against Yemeni civilians in various cities and residential areas, in unprecedented humanitarian tragedy as part of its implementation of US plans to target and divide the region.

A report issued by the Ministry of Human Rights revealed the extent of the destruction and the number of victims in Yemen, as well as the losses, the report touched upon the suffering, harsh humanitarian conditions and the siege imposed on this country.

The report indicated that the unjustified attacks of the coalition were monitored and documented by government agencies with evidence, and that they affected civilians and destroyed hundreds of thousands of homes.

The number of victims reached 36 thousand and 177 of its inhabitants at the level of the governorates of the Republic .. stressing that these attacks resulted in the death of 16,802 people, including 3753 children and 2,361 women, and 19,375 people were injured, including 4,036 children and 2,994 women.

The report said that the aggression bombed centers and homes for people with disabilities, which led to the death of a number of them and the injury of others. The report also indicated that approximately 30% of those stranded outside Yemen were unable to enter Yemen due to the closure of Sana’a airport.


Economic and health deterioration:

The aggression and siege on Yemen over the past years resulted in the death of thousands of its people, as well as human suffering that international organizations classified as “the largest in the world” and worsening health conditions affecting millions of Yemenis, especially children.

The health sector was also subjected to direct destruction and a collapse in health services, according to the report.

The increase in the poverty rate to 80%, the unemployment rate to 65% and more than 60% of Yemenis suffer from starvation, as a result of aggression and economic warfare.

Employees’ salaries have been cut off for a total of 1.25 million government employees who depend on 35% of the republic due to the transfer of the Central Bank In the occurrence of a great shortage of families and their inability to provide food and medicine.

The report confirmed that the aggression targeted 13,324 agricultural sites, destroying more than 869 food stores, burning and destroying what was inside, burning and damaging 768 locomotives and food carriers.

It also destroyed 671 supermarkets, 10998 food shops, and 3500 agricultural homes.

It indicated that the aggression destroyed and polluted more than 1868 installations and water networks, 1338 water pumps, submersibles wells, modern irrigation networks, 10 solar energy units, and well-drilling rigs.

The forces of aggression also destroyed more than 100 fish landing centers and deprived more than 40 thousand fishermen of practicing More than 500 fishermen were killed and wounded and their boats burned, estimated at more than 4,617 boats.

The Human Rights Committee confirmed in its report that the aggression wiped out more than 3 million herds of livestock (cows, sheep and goats, camels and authentic Arab forts) and destroyed 395 farms, poultry and hatcheries, and 35 apiaries.

It also caused the displacement of more than a million Yemeni people from their homes and villages to other areas, and 679 assassinations were recorded, and Aden ranked first, followed by Hadramout, 141 cases, Abyan 119, Shabwah 51, Al Dhale’e 38, Lahj 28, Socotra and Al Mahrah 18 cases.

The report pointed out that the aggression destroyed more than 483 health facilities, which led to their complete cessation of work, as well as targeting 92 ambulances, and more than 1,300 facilities threatening to stop, explaining that more than 75 thousand patients are unable to travel to receive treatment abroad due to the closure of the airport of Sanaa.

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