Yemen’s FM denounces US designation of Ansaruallah in terrorist organizations list

An official source in the Yemen Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Sanaa deplored the designation of Ansaruallah by the US Department of State within the so-called terrorist organizations list.

The source described, in a statement, this designation as “ridiculous and illogical”, saying that “it comes at the final moments of Trump’s administration, which failed miserably to break the will of the Yemeni people.”

The current American administration has consistently pursued a policy of pressure, blockade and sanctions against many free countries and peoples that reject American hegemony in the region and also reject normalization with the Zionist entity, he added.

The source affirmed that the current US administration is “the mother of terrorism in the world”, noting that its participation in the aggression and siege imposed on Yemen for the sixth year in a row is the best evidence.

“The Trump administration has facilitated for the aggression coalition (led by Saudi Arabia) a lot of arms sales, political cover, logistical and intelligence support, in addition to its actual participation in military operations that have caused the killing of civilians and the destruction of civilian and economic objects in Yemen,” he explained.

He affirmed that Ansaruallah is a national liberation march that emerged from the core of the Yemeni people and their identity, civilization, cultural and political heritage.

“Sanaa has a wide array of deterrent options and policies that are capable of dropping all the bets of the Trump administration and its tools in the region,” he added.

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