Israeli occupation bombs sites in southern Gaza Strip

Israeli warplanes morning launched several raids on lands in the border areas, east of Rafah and Khan Yunis governorates, in the southern Gaza Strip Without injuries.

“Palestine Now” agency, quoting its correspondent, reported that Israeli warplanes launched two raids on land in the “Karm Abu Muammar” border area east of Rafah, what caused massive damage to the place.

He added that the occupation aircraft also targeted, with two missiles, a land in the “Abu Haddaf” area, east of the border town of Al-Qarara, east of Khan Yunis, causing severe damage to the place and its surroundings.

The spokesman for the occupation army claimed that two rockets were fired at dawn on Monday from the northern Gaza Strip towards the beach area near the city of Ashdod, without causing any casualties.

Hebrew media sources reported that the two rockets landed without activating the sirens or the Iron Dome

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