Damascus denies any talks with Zionist entity

Syria has on Monday categorically denied the untrue news, circulated by some hired media outlets about convening any Syrian-Israeli meetings, Al-Mayadeen reported, citing the Syrian Foreign and Expatriates Ministry’s statement.

In a statement, the ministry affirmed that the forces that stand behind these lies are the same ones that rush to seek normalization with this entity.

The statement added that such news is a failed attempt by the financiers of those newspapers to suspect Syria’s principled and firm stances towards the Israeli occupation.

“Syria stressed  that it was and still is clear in its policy and it takes its decisions in a way that serves the national interest and the just causes of the Arab nation, foremost of which is the Palestinian issue and the liberation of the entire occupied Syrian Golan and the occupied Arab lands in accordance with the relevant international resolutions, according to the statement.

The statement further affirmed that the forces which stand behind those lies are the same ones that seek to normalize with that entity and try to draw the whole region into Western Zionist alliances.

Source: Websites.

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