Governor of Sanaa: American classification aims to prolong the war against Yemen

The Governor of Sanaa, Abdulbasit Al-Hadi said that the US administration’s decision to designate Ansarullah on the so-called terrorism list aims to prolong the war on Yemen and is a try to legitimize it.

Al-Hadi called, in a statement, for confronting the repercussions of this decision by raising awareness and countering the enemies’ plans by all possible means.

He considered the decision a new crime against the Yemeni people, an attempt to mislead public opinion, and an extension of the approach of America and the Zionist entity and their tools in the killing, destroying, and plotting against Yemen.

“The terrorists are the ones who kill the Yemeni people, bomb mourning and wedding halls, target children and women, and besiege an entire people,” he said.

The Governor urged to continue to support the fronts and to strengthen cohesion and ranks with the revolutionary and political leadership to move on the path of freedom and independence.

قد يعجبك ايضا
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