Baghdad Suicide Attack Kills, Injures Dozens

A double suicide attack in the Iraqi capital Baghdad has claimed the lives of at least 28 people while leaving at least 70 others injured.

Sputnik news agency quoted a source as saying that one of the bombers blew themselves up in Tayaran Square, while the other detonated their device in the “Bab al-Sharqi” market in central Baghdad.

The source noted that ambulances had rushed to the scenes of the explosions to transport the dead and the wounded to nearby hospitals.

The explosions occurred in a commercial center in central Baghdad and besides human casualties, there’s material damage.

The Iraqi security services have cordoned off the two bombing sites, while also reportedly closing the entrance to the Green Zone, occupied by the federal government as its headquarters in central Baghdad.

No group has claimed responsibility for the attacks yet.

Source: Agencies


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