In video : Scenes of clearance of Muthaq mountain range in Najran

The Yemeni army and popular committees were able to take control over mountain range in Najran region, southern kingdom of Saudi Arabia, a military source said on Sunday.

According to the military source, the liberated several hilltops on al-Matabaq mountain, after fierce fighting between Yemeni soldiers and Saudi-led mercenaries in Najran front.

Moreover, several infiltration attempt towards the army’s locations in the same front were foiled, the source said, noting that the enemy suffered heavy losses in military equipment in addition to human casualties.

The military media released a video footage showing the liberation of the al-Matabaq mountain range and the concentration of Yemeni fighters at the foothills after the mercenary forces suffered severe defeats.

The video showed the army forces destroying a number of Saudi armoured vehicles.

According to the military media, personal documents and identity cards and Saudi money belonging to some of the mercenaries were found after fleeing their sites during the battle.

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