Organizing committees in the provinces determine the locations of the marches of “the siege and the American aggression are terrorist crimes”

The provincial event organizing committees have determined the locations of the “siege and US aggression, terrorist crimes” marches that will take place tomorrow morning.

In the capital, Sanaa, the organizing committee identified Bab al-Yaman Square as a place for the march tomorrow afternoon.

In Saada governorate, the organizing committee identified three march arenas, Khawlan in Haydan District, and the districts of Shada, Ghamr and Razih in Shaara area in Razih on Monday morning.

While the Organizing Committee in Hodeidah identified the squares of Medina and Mansouriya as a venue for the march tomorrow, Monday.

In Hajjah governorate, the committee identified 5 march arenas in “Al-Madina, Al-Aman, Abs, Al-Mahbasheh and Mustaba” on Monday morning, as well as in Al-Jawf Governorate, two squares are designated for the march: Burt Square and Al-Matoun Square on Monday morning.

In Dhamar governorate, City square will be designated as a place for the march , while the organizing committee in Al-Bayda governorate has identified two arenas for the march in the cities of Radaa and Al-Bayda as well.

In Taiz governorate, the committee identified the governorate center as a place for the march in the morning, while the organizing committee in Al Mahwit determined the city center in the morning, and the organizing committee in Amran, the city center identified a place for the march in the morning.

In Ibb governorate, two squares of the march denounced by the American classification were designated in the city center and the city of Yarim on Monday morning, and in the governorate of Rima, the Al-Jibeen district determined the governorate center as a place for the march on Monday morning.

تليقرام انصار الله
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