Hamas: Zionist Entity’s Threats to Target Civilians Reflect Logic of Thuggery

Occupied Palestine: Hamas spokesman Hazem Qassem confirmed that the threats of the Chief of Staff of the Zionist army Aviv Kochavi to target civilians reflect the logic of thuggery.

“Kochavi’s statements about his army’s planning to target civilian residential areas in any upcoming confrontation in the Gaza Strip or Lebanon, reflects in all arrogance the logic of thuggery that the Zionist enemy acts against our Palestinian people and the components of our nation,” Qassem said in statement on Thursday.

Qassem clarified that Kochavi’s threats to commit massacres against Palestinian people or the Lebanese people are not new.

“The enemy’s army has repeatedly committed massacres against the Arab peoples in all confrontations and wars, but each time it is unable to achieve victory against the valiant resistance,” he added.

Qassem emphasized that the resistance will be present to defend its people from any Zionist crime, stressing that these repeated threats will not stop “our people and their valiant resistance from continuing their struggle to extract their land and sanctities from the clutches of the occupation.

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