Deputy Foreign Minister Warns UN Not to Hinder, Breach Safer Agreement

Deputy Foreign Minister Hussein Al-Ezzi called on the United Nations to abide by the agreement regarding the maintenance of the floating tank, Safer, and not to hinder and breach the agreement, according to almairah.

Al-Ezzi explained that the United Nations submitted additional requests not included in the agreement that was signed by the two parties.

He stated that the government informed the international party of the need to respect the agreements, especially since this new request relates to their financial relationship with insurance companies, and said, “We don’t want getting involved in what is not our concern.”

He added that all the continuous postponement and change in the arrival dates of the technical team of the ship happened and is happening by the United Nations unilaterally, we have proved our great interest and concern.

He pointed out that the government is currently making efforts to ensure that there are no suspicious relations connecting the team to Washington, especially in light of the developments in the US hostile attitude towards the Yemeni people.


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