Minister of Health: US-Saudi Aggression Deliberately Destroyed 523 Hospitals, Killed, Wounded 43,000 Citizens

US-Saudi-Emirati aggression committed heinous crimes against the Yemeni people, causing the death and injury of 43,000 civilians, including 7,000 children and women, and the destruction of 523 hospitals and health centers in Yemen, Minister of Public Health and Population said,according to almasirah.

During his speech in the inauguration of the annual scientific conference of Al-Thawra General Hospital Authority in Hodeidah on Thursday, Dr. Taha Al-Mutawakel said that all war crimes that occurred in Yemen over a period of six years were committed by the coalition of aggression with US and Western weapons.

He pointed out that the coalition of aggression continues to tighten the siege and deepen the suffering of Yemenis by detaining oil ships.

The Minister of Health held the countries of global arrogance responsible for stopping any hospital, center or health facility due to the lack of oil products.

He indicated the importance of the scientific conference that is being held in Hodeidah governorate in light of the escalation of the aggression and its continuation of violations.

“The convening of the conference, in which a group of medical specialists from different governorates will participate, represents a message of steadfastness and a challenge in the face of aggression,” he added.

Dr. Al-Mutawakel urged the conference participants to focus their research on epidemics and specializations that the country needs in light of the ongoing aggression and blockade.

For his part, the head of Al-Thawra Hospital Authority in Hodeidah, Dr. Khaled Suhail, explained that the conference represents an imperative to raise the medical level to overcome the years of aggression and siege and keep pace with scientific developments.

The opening session discussed a number of scientific topics, lectures, opinions, solutions and a reportage on the Authority’s achievements and developments in previous years, especially during the escalation of the aggression against the governorate.


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