Acting Minister for Human Rights “The United Nations blocks removing cluster bombs’ file ”

Acting Minister of Human Rights Ali Al-Dailami said on Sunday that the United Nations requires and impedes cooperation to complete the file of removing the internationally banned cluster bombs.

He noted that it is not unlikely that there was intentionality by the Saudi-led coalition countries to buy illegal weapons of unknown source to escape the legal liabilities, pointing out that the cluster bombs are only part of internationally prohibited weapons that are used in the aggressive war on Yemen.

Director General of the Yemen Executive Mine Action Centre (YEMAC), Ali Sofra, said that the center has accurate statistics and there are eight types of cluster bombs that have been used in Yemen and were made by the United States, Britain, and Brazil, pointing out that the statistics of cluster bombs discovered in separate areas of the country amounted to 3,179 cluster bombs.

He added that the center is dealing with a new type of cluster bombs, stressing that the United Nations has not provided the materials for destroying these catastrophic waste.


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