Rouhani: No New Term to Be Added to Nuclear Deal

Iranian President Hasan Rouhani on Wednesday has ruled out the possibility of the introduction of new terms to the 2015 nuclear deal.

“The JCPOA has not been reached easily, it took some 10 years to achieve it, therefore no clause of it will be changed and no one will be added to this international deal,” he addressed a cabinet session, referring to the official name of the nuclear deal.

“Today, the world’s public opinion and politicians, and even many politicians in the United States all believe that the JCPOA can be fruitful in terms of interacting with countries as well as maintaining peace and security and Iran is moving on the same basis,” the Iranian president said.

“Americans should know that they are still violating Resolution 2231, so don’t have the right to comment on the JCPOA,” he stressed.

Rouhani called on the US to return to international resolutions, laws and regulations, saying that the Islamic Republic did not violate the 2231 and it was the Americans who left the table of JCPOA.

“If the US returns back to its international commitments completely, Islamic Republic will also return to its obligations under the agreement,” Rouhani said.

He also expressed hope that all nations and societies will be able to act in favor of the interests of world nations and to achieve global peace.

Source: Iranian media


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