Yemeni Petroleum Company warns of collapse in all service sectors due to continued detention of fuel vessels

Ammar al-Adairi, executive director of the Yemeni Petroleum Company (YPC) warned of collapse of all service sectors in the coming days due to the continued detention of fuel vessels by Saudi-led coalition countries at sea and the denial of their entry into the port of Hodeidah, according to YPA.

The move came during a protest held in front of the UN headquarter in the capital Sanaa.

The protest was organized by the YPC’s employees titled ” Piracy against fuel ships is a comprehensive crime with United Nations partnership”.

Al-Adairi called on the world to intervene to put pressure coalition countries and the United Nations to launch detained fuel ships and break the blockade of the port of Hodeidah.

He said the coalition countries are still holding 10 oil ships despite receiving UN permits, blaming coalition countries and the UN for the repercussions of the continued detention of the fuel vessels.

In a statement issued by the protesters, calling on the UN secretary general to review the positions of his special envoy, who underestimates the humanitarian issue in Yemen and did not give priority to the detention of the fuel ships the space they deserve, which contributed to the worsening of the humanitarian crisis.

The statement renewed the call for the UN to put pressure on the aggression coalition to release all the detained fuel ships, to lift the ban on Sanaa International Airport and Ras Issa port, and neutralize the economy from targeting.


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