The calls for peace in light of aggression ,siege aims at media excitement: Yemeni official

A member of the Supreme Political Council, Muhammad Ali Al-Houthi, affirmed today that the enemies for peace, with the continuation of the aggression and siege,aimed at media excitement.

Al-Houthi wrote on Twitter: “The US , British, Saudi, and Emirati aggression deliberately cut salaries, prevented the entry of goods to non-occupied ports and prevented the exit of patients, even to some countries of the aggression coalition, Egypt and Jordan. It prevented the arrival or departure of travelers, imposed a ban on airspace, destroyed the airports and imposed a ban on access to them by air “.

He stressed that peace needs to announce a decision by the of ggression to stop it and lift the siege as the case when its begining was announced by America.


تليقرام انصار الله
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