Director of the oil company “12 oil ships detained by the aggression navy off Jizan”

The director general of the Yemeni Oil Company, Ammar Al-Adrai, confirmed today, Monday, that the aggression navy is holding 12 oil ships off Jizan. He explained to Al-Masirah Channel that the fines for delaying their entry are 4 times the customs fees of the ship itself , adding that the oil company has rationed the exchange of materials Oil with the aim of rationalizing consumption, stressing that no liter of oil derivatives has arrived in 38 days.

The Yemeni Oil Company had issued a statement confirming that the aggression forces were holding 12 oil ships, including a ship loaded with diesel and 11 oil ships with a total load of (324,782) tons of gasoline and diesel for varying periods of time reaching a maximum of more than ten months, 307 days of unprecedented maritime piracy, despite the completion of all these ships of all inspection and verification procedures through the mechanism of the verification and inspection mission in Djibouti (UNVIM) and obtaining the UN permits that confirm the conformity of the cargo to the conditions stipulated in the concept of operations of the verification and inspection mechanism.

The oil company affirmed that the continuation of the criminal piracy and its various catastrophic repercussions have not been respoed by any serious and concrete move by the United Nations, adding that the supposed international role is still useless. It also contradicts the most basic principles of protection and humanitarian relief.


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