Major General Al-Mushki: The army, the popular committees, and the Free-loving people of Marib fighting a pivotal battle

Deputy Chief of the General Staff, Major General Ali Hammoud Al-Mushki, confirmed that the heroes of the army and the popular committees together with the free sons of Marib are waging a pivotal battle today of strategic, national, military, political, economic and social importance.

In a workshop organized by the Intelligence Directorate in the Fifth Military Region, for a number of its employees today, Thursday, Major General Al-Mushki praised the national positions and the sacrifices of the army and the popular committees supported by the tribes of Marib in order to uproot the occupiers and their tools from the governorate and every inch the invaders defiled.

He praised the efforts made by the Fifth Military Region Command in the fields of training and qualification in various military specialties .

He said, “We are fighting individuals that are tools of the occupier, their leaders and children of their leaders all abroad, and they lead them from hotels in Riyadh, Istanbul, Cairo and Abu Dhabi.”

The Chief of Staff pointed out that the political forces hostile to the homeland and the Yemeni people carried out the settlement of the occupier and the desecration of Yemen.


قد يعجبك ايضا
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