The Supreme Council warns of using civilians as human shields in Marib, and affirms its readiness to receive the displaced

The Supreme Council for Humanitarian Affairs confirmed, Thursday, that the US-Saudi mercenaries are trying to use civilians as a pressure card .

The Supreme Council expressed its deep regret at the insistence of the Islah party and the coalition of aggression militias to use civilians as human shields in Mareb in front of the international community and organizations with the aim of stopping the progress of the Army and Popular Committees.

It called on the international community and human rights organizations to intervene to put an end to the practices of the US-Saudi aggression to spare civilians and displaced people the battles and not to entrench themselves behind them.It held the coalition of aggression and its mercenaries responsible for harming civilians as a result of using human shields.

To receive the displaced families from the city of Marib and provide them with all necessary needs,the council added that it is making all the necessary preparations .

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