A spokesman for the Interior Ministry reveals the process of releasing prisoners from a prison in Marib

The spokesman for the Interior Ministry , Brigadier General Abdul Khaleq Al-Ajri, revealed a lightning security operation through which the Ministry managed to free nine prisoners from a prison in the city of Marib.

Brigadier General Al-Ajri indicated that a team affiliated with the Ministry carried out a special security operation to storm a mercenary prison in the city and free nine prisoners of the army and the popular committees.

He pointed out that the operation took place after the Ministry’s investigations confirmed that the aggression mercenaries had sold two prisoners of the army and the popular committees to a Saudi officer, Hussein Sharaf Ahmed Jahaf, and Bakil Muhammad Saleh Al-Khawlani, out of a total of 11 prisoners who were in the prison.

The spokesman pointed out that the decision to carry out the operation was made after information had confirmed that the mercenaries had negotiated the sale of the rest of the nine prisoners to Saudi officers, explaining that the liberation of the nine prisoners and their removal from the city to the areas under the control of the army and the popular committees took place within a few hours.

He stated that the freed prisoners were received in the seventeen square in the capital, Sana’a, officially … praising the cooperation of the free people from Marib, which had a positive impact on the success of the operation.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Interior confirmed that the mercenaries’ sale of prisoners to the occupier is evidence of the moral decay they have reached, and a crime that is added to their crimes, for which the Yemeni people will hold them accountable.


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