Five citizens wounded by Saudi army fire in Munbah border district

Saudi bombing targeted populated border areas in Saada province , resulting in at least five civilians were injured on Wednesday as a result of a , north of Yemen, a security source said.

The border Munabeh district was bombed by Saudi army, which resulted in leaving of five citizens wounded with various wounds, the source explained.

27 Citizens were killed and wounded by Saudi army fire in the border areas during the month of February, where five citizens were killed by Saudi army fire in Munabbah district and four others were killed in the Saudi artillery and missile strikes on the border district of Shada.

In addition, 10 citizens were wounded by the Saudi army’s fire in Munabbah district and five others were wounded in Shada district, in addition to the injury of three children due to the explosion of cluster bomb remnants of the aggression in Majz district of Saada.


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