Oil Minister : The blockade is the biggest human crime committed by the aggression coalition

The Minister of Oil and Minerals, Mr. Ahmed Abdullah Dares confirmed that the blockade is the largest human crime committed by the aggression coalition against our Yemeni people in light of the silence of the international community. Its most malicious methods are the detention of ships of food, medicine and oil derivatives.

During the march “The siege of the American Aggression Coalition kills the Yemeni people,” Minister Dares stated that more than 14 ships loaded with oil derivatives were inspected by the United Nations in Djibouti. They were held by the aggression coalition , some of which were detained for more than 10 months.

He pointed out that our people today raise their voices against all the arbitrary measures of the aggression coalition , pointing out that the continuation of maritime piracy has led to the suspension of a large percentage of the operational capabilities of the health sector.

Oil Minister confirmed that the aggression forces are holding the oil derivatives associated with the health sector, services, transportation and all means of life.

تليقرام انصار الله
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