21 Raids on Marib ,123 violations of the aggression forces in Hodeidah

The US Saudi-led aggression coalition combat jets launched on Friday 21 airstrikes on Marib province.

The fighter jets targeted Sarwah district with 19 strikes and Mahliya district 2 times, a security official said.

The aggression forces committed 123 violations of the UN-mediated ceasefire agreement in Hodeida province.

Accoding to as official in the operation room to monitor the aggression’s violations, The aggression’s spy aircrafts waged 10 strike on al-Durayhimi district, Hays, al-Faza and al-Tuhaita,

They also included nearly 14 spy planes flew over the areas of al-Jah, al-Jabaliya, al-Tuhaita, Kilo 16, and al-Mandher, al-Faza and al-Durayhimi, said .

The aggression forces carried out 14 artillery attacks and fired 86 live bullets.

قد يعجبك ايضا
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