A ballistic missile fired at military target in Riyadh (Video)

The military media of Yemeni army on Monday released a video footage showing of launch of a ballistic missile at Riyadh’s King Khalid Airport as part of the Fifth Deterrence Operation.

In this context, the spokesperson of the armed forces, Brigadier General Yahya Saree, announced for the implementation of the Fifth Balance of Deterrence Process by the army and the popular committees, which comes in response to the escalation of the ongoing and escalating coalition of aggression and its continuous siege on the Yemeni people.

The Yemeni army fired a ballistic missile of the type Thulfiqar and 15 drone aircraft including nine Samad-3 UAVs targeting sensitive sites in the enemy capital of Riyadh, according Yemeni military spokesman Brigadier Yahya Sare’e .


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