The Political Bureau of Ansarollah “US sanctions have no value ,contradict their call for peace

The Political Bureau of Ansarollah clarified, today, Wednesday, that there is nothing new that US brings from its alleged sanctions, except that they contradict what it claims as a desire for peace and is against peace .

It confirmed in a statement that the sanctions that we condemn and reject have no real value, explaining that US is carrying out aggression against Yemen with sanctions and others , indicating that Washington’s positions support the aggressors against Yemen to continue targeting the Yemeni people.

The statement pointed out that Marib is one of the enemy fronts from which it launched an open and declared aggression against a number of its directorates, which remained burning throughout the days of the aggression, such as Sarwah front and others. It added that Marib front is where the enemy moved to attack the rest of the neighboring governorates, such as Al-Jawf, Sanaa and Al-Bayda.

The statement pointed out that the enemy had made Marib front a nest of the hideouts of Al Qaeda and ISIS who were fighting under the umbrella of the US-backed coalition.

تليقرام انصار الله
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