Two children killed and 10 others wounded by the mercenaries ’bombing on Salah in Taiz

Two children were killed and 10 other children were injured this evening, Thursday, by the bombing of the mercenaries of aggression that targeted residential neighborhoods in al-Jumla area in the district of Taiz governorate.

A local source in the governorate confirmed that the mercenaries of bombed residential neighborhoods in al-Jumla neighborhood in Salah district with mortar shells, which led to the death of two children and the injury of 10 other children .They were playing in front of Natco Company in al-Jumla neighborhood, and they were subsequently transferred to the hospital to receive treatment amid the scarcity of capabilities due to the aggression and siege.

The source added that the shells also caused damage to the homes and properties of citizens.

The source condemned the heinous crime against childhood committed by mercenaries in a densely populated neighborhood, which is added to the series of mercenary crimes committed against innocent civilians in the governorate .

It held the international and humanitarian community fully responsible for their silence on the crimes committed by the aggression coalition and its mercenaries against the children of Taiz.

The source pointed out that the mercenaries intensified their continuous hysterical bombing of residential neighborhoods, causing civilian casualties and injuries and a great panic among them.

It is worth noting that this crime today comes after the mercenaries targeted with mortar shells Al-Jumla area in the same directorate last Saturday, which caused the deaths of three innocent civilians.

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