Ansarollah social department announces the launch of a large convoy

The Social Department of Ansarollah announced the launch of a large convoy in support of the army and the popular committees stationed on the fronts of honor and heroism.

The official of the social department Ali Al-Mutamiz explained during the sixth social meeting on the occasion of the anniversary of the martyr leader, and in the presence of a number of ministers, sheikhs and notables to discuss the latest developments, that the department opened the convoy to supply 20 million riyals.

Al-Mutamiz pointed out that the changes that we are witnessing today at various levels are a profit of the Quranic project, which is a constructive civilization project. It is also a life project presented by the martyr in a sensitive and dangerous stage and in the face of Western global aggression against the Islamic nation.

He stressed that the steadfastness of the Yemeni people today in the face of this aggression and siege imposed by arrogance is a profit of our great people’s adherence to the values ​​of religion and the approach of the family of al-Bayt . He called on everyone, on top of them the merchants and the benevolent, and every member of our great Yemeni people to continue donoring for the sake of God.

تليقرام انصار الله
قد يعجبك ايضا
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