Human Rights Office in Taiz denounces the mercenaries’ crime of aggression in Salah district

The Human Rights Office in Taiz province condemned on Friday the massacre committed by the mercenaries of aggression by targeting al-Jumla area in Salh district with artillery shells, killing 3 children, and wounding 17 civilians.

In a statement, Saba received a copy; the Human Rights Office confirmed that targeting residential neighborhoods is a violation of international laws, norms, and charters, and a war crime that exposes the perpetrators to criminal accountability as war criminals.

He pointed out that the escalation of the aggression mercenaries came at a time when efforts were being made to calm down and open a safe path for civilians to and from the city occupied by the mercenaries of aggression.

The statement called on all international and local organizations to bear their humanitarian responsibilities, monitor these violations and work to stop these crimes, prosecute the perpetrators and bring them to justice.

The statement held the mercenaries of aggression criminally responsible, indicating that they had previously targeted populated areas with rocket and artillery shells.

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