19 billion riyals in the fines of aggression’s detention of oil ships during 2021

The Yemeni Oil Company confirmed that the fines of detaining oil derivative ships by the US-Saudi aggression coalition during 2021 AD amounted to 32 million dollars, equivalent to 19 billion riyals.

The company’s spokesman, Essam Al-Mutawakel, stated that the Yemeni people also incurred fines for detaining fuel ships during the past year, which amounted to $ 91 million, equivalent to 54 billion riyals.

During a protest stand by the employees of the Yemeni Oil Company in front of the United Nations office in Sanaa, Al-Mutawakel indicated that the situation in Yemen has become catastrophic as a result of the continued detention of oil derivative ships.

He called for urgent intervention to release the detained oil derivatives ships to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe due to the suspension of many service and vital sectors, especially hospitals, electricity, water, freight transport trucks, as well as waste transport trucks.

The spokesman for the company held the forces of aggression led by America and the United Nations fully responsible for the humanitarian disaster in the country.

He explained that during the era of the previous US administration, the siege on oil derivatives increased, then since the Biden administration reached the White House, it imposed a complete blockade and sentenced the Yemeni people to death.

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