40 Raids of the aggression on Sana’a, Marib, Al-Jawf, Saada and Dhamar

Today, Tuesday, the American, Saudi, and Emirati forces launched 40 air strikes on separate areas of the capital, Sanaa, and the governorates of Marib, Al-Jawf, Saada and Dhamar.

The aggression warplanes waged 30 airstrikes targeting several areas in Marib province.The official explained that coalition aircraft launched 20 airstrikes on Sirwah district and eight others on the districts of Medghal and Majzar, as well as launching two others on the districts of al-Jubah and Rahabah.

The official declared that coalition’s fighter jets launched three raids on al-Nahdha neighborhood in Sanaa province, while two strikes hit the Customs in Dhamar province.

In Saada, the aircrafts targeted al-Faraa area of Kutaf district with two raids, waged another air strike on al-Dhahir district and attacked Alaf area of Sahar district one time.

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