Sayyed al-Houthi: The Quranic project a necessity for comprehensive awareness in the face of American misinformation

Leader of the Yemeni Revolution, Sayyed Abdulmalik Badr Al-Din Al-Houthi ,on Wednesday, delivered a speech on the occasion of the anniversary of the martyr leader,emphasizing that the Quranic project is a necessity for religious awareness and comprehensive awareness in the face of American misinformation.

He clarified that the Quranic project was not in vain and did not create the problem because the problem already exists by America and Israel.

Sayyed al-Houthi affirmed that the #Quranic project of the leader martyr has great advantages, including that it is in harmony with the faith identity of our people and our nation.It is a common word and a project from the Holy Qur’an, and also represents a connection with God Almighty, and adherence to it makes us gain his victory and support.

He explained that the Noble Qur’an is comprehensive in the process of internal fortification at all human and moral levels, and this immunization is the greatest requirement of the battle with the nation’s enemies.

He emphasized that the cry launched by the leader martyr exposed the lie of “American democracy”, as the Americans could not even bear the chanting in their face. He said to those who tried to underestimate its value “If it was really as you said, it would not have been fought that war and would not have been prevented that way.”

He pointed out that #Pompeo presented his classification to Ansarollah with the title “a #terrorist organization”. But in reality it is not an organization, but rather a nation and the masses, they are not structured in a specific organic framework. He explained that its title is Quranic that expresses the practical response to God’s directives and not a name for an organization or Party.

He added: Its title was launched by many from different sects, political orientations and societal groups.And the name “Houthis” is not a name that we use to ourselves, rather it is called for us by enemies and some friends ,and we do not want it because it is relative to the city of “Houth”, and our project is not limited to a city but rather a Quranic march.

The Leader affirmed that #Ansarollah project charts specific and clear paths for the renaissance of the nation in various fields and to turn the threat into a political, economic, media and other opportunity. And the Quranic project ,since its inception, has proven successful despite all the challenges and modest capabilities it faced.

He pointed out that one of the signs of the success of the Quranic project is its continuation so far, having an advanced position for the Yemeni people in the nation’s issues, and contributing to confrontthe enemies ’attempt to impose foreign tutelage on the country. ”

He reaffirmed the Yemeni people’s adherence to the principle of Islamic brotherhood and continual support for the Palestinian cause.

In the speech he delivered today on the occasion of the anniversary of the martyrdom of Sayyed Hussein Badr al-Din #al-Houthi, #Sayyed Abdulmalik indicated that Marib front has been flaming since the beginning of the war and has not stopped by any truce.

Sayyed Abdulmalik said that the enemy launched military operations from Marib towards the provinces of Sanaa, Bayda, and Jawf, and it is their main military front.

He emphasized that the field victories achieved in #Marib were what bothered the #Americans and pushed them to express their concern and demand an end to the advance.

The Leader of the #Revolution stated that the #Yemeni people would continue to support the #Palestinian cause as a religious principle, a human right and a moral duty.

The leader of the revolution affirmed our adherence to the principle of Islamic brotherhood with the sons of our nation and confronted all efforts of the band that the Americans rely on the takfiris to spread.He also denounced the normalization of some Arab countries and regimes with the Israeli enemy, considering that a betrayal of #Islam and #Muslims.

تليقرام انصار الله
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