The Communications Ministry condemns targeting communications networks, stations in Sana’a ,Saada

The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology condemned the US-Saudi crime which targeted civilian communications networks and stations in the governorates of Sa’adah and Sana’a during the past 24 hours,according to al-masirah.

In a statement, the Ministry condemned the US-Saudi targeting of communication networks, stations and towers in Jabal Al-Ahmar and Al Ammar in Al-Safra District in Saada Governorate, and the communication network in Al-Mahjar area in Hamadan District, Sana’a Governorate, with more than four raids.
It indicated that the aggression raids resulted in stopping communications and internet services from the districts of Munbah, Wahidan, Saqin, Ghammar, Razih, and al-Malaheeth in Sa’adah governorate, and large parts of Hamadan district in Sana’a. t deprived hundreds of thousands of civilians from telecommunications services, thus increasing the number of Yemeni areas isolated from the world, as a result of the repeated aggression targeting communications services.
The ministry holds US-Saudi aggression the responsible of this crime and the previous crimes which targeted telecommunication facilities. It renewed the calls to the humanitarian, national and human rights organizations to take a stance and bear responsibility to stop these crimes.

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