Head of the National Delegation: What UN envoy presented is a plot to put Yemen in a more dangerous stage

The head of the National Delegation, Mohammed Abdulsalam, commented on the so called the proposal by the US envoy to Yemen, describing it as “a plot to put Yemen in a more dangerous stage than it is. It represents the Saudi and international vision, which was proposed a year ago.”

Abdulsalam explained that the American proposal does not include a stop to the siege or a ceasefire, but cosmetic detours that lead to the resumption of the blockade diplomatically. He stressed that one of the conditions on the initiative is to determine the destinations of Sana’a airport, to issue licenses through the US-Saudi aggression, and for the passports not to be issued from Sana’a.

“If they were serious to stop the aggression and the siege, they would have declared a serious end to the war and siege. Only, then we will welcome this step”, he said. “For the American envoy to come to present a plan that is less than that presented by the UN envoy, this is unacceptable. What the US envoy presented is a plot to put Yemen in a more dangerous stage than it is now.”

He also stressed that “what they did not get through war and destruction, they will not get it through dialogue.” He indicated that the aggression and siege did not stop for one day for 6 years. “So, what is the American concept of bombing and siege? By presenting the Saudi conditions as a proposal to stop the war, the Americans have demonstrated once again that they are openly behind the aggression and blockade,” he said.

With regard to humanitarian aid, Abdulsalam described what the US envoy said about “aid arrival in Yemen and its failure to reach those who deserve it,” as a very big failure. He explained that “the oil ships are bought by Yemeni merchants with their money, and they obtain a UN permits, and the aggression coalition comes to prevent them from arriving arbitrarily.”

He also said that “we accepted all the conditions proposed by the other parties to ensure the delivery of humanitarian aid, and when they did not find any excuse to continue the siege, they said that it does not reach those who deserve it.” He added that “we are the ones who require the unification of revenues in Yemen and the payment of salaries. They reject this matter. Rather, they want to place the revenues at the disposal of a private and closed account that they control”.

Posted on al-masirah website.

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