Deputy of Security and Intelligence: Previous regimes subjugated Yemeni security services to the Americans

Major General Abdul Qadir al-Shami, the Deputy Head of the Security and Intelligence Service, confirmed that the American regime dealt with the Yemeni security services during the period of previous regimes as subordinate to it.

Al-Shami explained in an intervention on Al-Masirah TV that the Americans had dealt with the Yemeni security services in the past as their own sources of information and exploited the file of terrorism to penetrate the state security apparatus.

He indicated that the security services in the previous stages were completely paralyzed since the year 2000 and the American became the decision-maker in the security file.

Al-Shami added: Those of the Yemeni security services were able to arrest the so-called Al-Qaeda members and they were released under an American direction.

He pointed out that the American ambassador was moving as a leading element in the capital, stressing that the Americans controlled during that period the civil status and passports network.

He also revealed that the so-called Al-Qaeda organization transferred its capabilities and equipment from Hadhramaut governorate to Shabwa and Abyan governorates under Emirati protection and sponsorship during the period of aggression.

He pointed out that the Americans were working to entrench and deepen the presence of the intelligence elements called Al Qaeda in more than one Yemeni governorate.

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