The American proposal only expresses American interests in the first place: Yemeni official

Deputy Prime Minister for Defense and Security Affairs, Jalal Al-Ruwaishan, affirmed that Yemen welcomes any clear calls for peace based on ending the war and lifting the siege imposed on Yemeni people, according to YPA.

Al-Ruwaishan told Almasirah TV on Sunday the international noise around Marib is a reflection of the desire of the Saudi-led coalition countries or a particular party not to reach a decisive point that leads the Yemenis to a political solution.

He pointed out that Marib is part of the great battle of Yemen, not a specific part, and confrontations in Marib have been continuing in various areas of Serwah and Hailan since the start of the aggression on Yemen.

Al-Ruwaishan affirmed that the American proposal for a nationwide ceasefire has nothing in it, but it preserved the mistake of previous administrations in dealing with Sanaa through Riyadh.

He explained that the Americans and the Europeans, are concerned with dealing with the main concern, which is to stop the aggression and lift the siege on the Yemenis, and then the dialogue table will come.

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