War on Arm Documentary .. Al Masirah Media Network

Al Masirah TV broadcasts, at exactly 7:30 pm on Friday evening, the documentary of the War on Weapon, which investigates the plot to target Yemen’s armament capabilities during the stage 2000-2014 and the stages of this plot and its secrets.

The documentary presents special recordings broadcasted for the first time on the nature of the espionage and intelligence role of the US Embassy in Yemen prior to the September 21 revolution, 2014 AD.

The documentary also reveals documents issued by several local and foreign parties, which show the hidden sins of targeting Yemen’s various weapons in light of complete compliance by the authority at that time.

According to the documentary working group, the importance of the documentary film is not based in its audio and video material for the conspiracy to strip the Yemenis of their various weapons and related documents.

تليقرام انصار الله
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