During 6 years of the aggression … 42,245 civilians killed ,wounded, including 8,467 children and 5,662 women

Today, Saturday, Al-Qanooni for Rights and Development issued a report on the statistics of the crimes of the American, Saudi, and Emirati aggression against the Yemeni people over 6 years, including civilian victims and what service facilities, infrastructure and economic establishments were subjected to.

The report indicated that the total number of dead and wounded citizens of all ages reached 42,245 dead and wounded, including 8,467 dead and wounded children, and 5662 women and 28,116 men were killed and injured.

The report added that the civilian dead reached 16,331 ones, including 4,040 children , 2523 women and 9,768 men.

The statistic stated that the number of wounded reached 25,914, including 4,427 children , 3,139 women and 18,348 citizens.

The statistic confirmed that the aggression’s jets targeted 430,779 houses destroying and damaging them . It also destroyed 16 airports, 15 ports, 2713 roads and bridges, 194 stations and electricity generators, 802 tanks and water networks, 457 networks and communication stations, and 1845 governmental facilities.

With regard to service facilities, the report indicated that the aggression’s jets destroyed 955 mosques, 348 hospitals and health facilities, 917 schools and institutes, 181 university facilities, 367 tourist facilities, 132 sports facilities, 41 media facilities, 219 archaeological sites and 4,398 agricultural rights.

With regard to economic establishments, the report clarified that the aggression destroyed 364 factories, 656 commercial markets, 7963 commercial establishments, 778 food stores, 657 food trucks, 371 fuel stations, 279 fuel tankers, 4,260 means of transportation, 359 chicken and livestock farms, and 460 fishing boats. .

قد يعجبك ايضا
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