24 Air strikes on Marib, Hajjah ,al-Jawf, and 146 violations in Hodeidah

The US-Saudi-led aggression coalition’s warplanes waged on Monday 24 air raids on several districts of Marib, Hajjah and Jawf provinces.

The coalition’s aircrafts launched 20 strikes on Marib, on Sirwah and Madghal districts, security sources said.

The fighter jets launched three air raids, targeting Khub Washaaf district in Jawf province and one ,attacking Bani Hassan area of Abbs district in Hajjah o, the sources added.

Residential villages and areas in border Razih district of Saada province were subjected to Saudi missile and artillery bombardment, the sources pointed out.

The Correlation and Coordination Operations Room recorded on Monday 146 violations of ceasefire and Sweden’s agreements committed by coalition’s mercenaries in Hodeidah province over the past 24 hours.

They included flying of five fighter jets over al-Mandhar, al-Madina and Kilo 16 areas, while 18 spy aircrafts flew over Kilo 16, al-Mandhar, Faza, Jabalia areas, Tuhayta and Durayhmi districts.

The mercenaries committed 15 breaches with an artillery and missile bombardment using 81 rockets and shells, while 108 violations were committed by shooting in separate areas using various machine guns.

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