Saudi Arabia must declare an end to the aggression ,lift the siege, not to present ideas that were previously discussed: Yemeni official

The head of the national delegation, Mohammed Abdulsalam responded today, Monday, to the initiative presented by the Saudi Foreign Minister.

Abdulsalam considered the initiative announced by Saudi Arabia on Monday to end the war in Yemen “does not include anything new.”

Abdulsalam affirmed that Saudi Arabia’s presentation of itself as not a party to the aggression is misleading and inaccurate.

“The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is part of the war and must end the air and sea blockade on Yemen immediately,” Abdulsalam said in a statement to Reuters.

He pointed out that lifting the siege does not require an initiative, and “the bartering in the humanitarian file is a crime against an entire people.”

“Saudi Arabia should announce ending the aggression and lifting the siege, not present ideas that were previously discussed,” he stressed.

Mohammad Abdulsalam added: The entry of detained vessels for more than a year does not require any initiative or preconditions, and bartering the humanitarian file in favor of a military or political file is a moral crime .He explained that Saudi Arabia’s presentation of itself as not a party to the aggression is an exaggerated and inaccurate Superficial one and does not lead to success at all.

Abdulsalam asked why Saudi Arabia does not allow 14 fuel ships to enter the port of Hodeidah and barter for the humanitarian file in favor of the military file?

He explained that the aggression coalition is bending the arm of the Yemeni people by tightening the siege in an attempt to pressure us to accept demands that they were unable to achieve militarily and politically.

He emphasized that if the aggression and siege had stopped from this moment, we would have stopped, but bartering the humanitarian file for the military and political file is unacceptable .He explained that the war on Yemen was imposed on it, and we are not a party to the siege of the Yemenis until we negotiate it .He pointed out that the situation in Yemen does not serve the aggression countries nor Neighboring countries, calling for a real approach to end the war and the human suffering of the Yemeni people.

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