Events in Yemeni provinces to commemorate the National Day of Resilience

Events wer organized today, Monday, to mark the anniversary of the National Day of Resilience and the passage of six years in the face of the brutal US-Saudi-Emirati aggression on Yemen ,coinciding with the victories achieved by the heroes of the army and the popular committees on the various fronts of pride and dignity

The Ministry of Interior organized ,the local authority and the supervisory office in the Mansouriya district, Hodeidah,the Ministry of Finance and its affiliated departments, and the branch of the National Committee for Women and the General Administration for Women Development in al-Mahweet held events to mark the anniversary.

Saada University and the University Student Forum Al-Nahda ,Elementary and Secondary School in Al-Barar District, Raida District, Amran governorate,a number of schools in the districts of Al-Jaafari, Kisma and Al-Food country in the governorate of Rima orgainzed events in the commemoration of the National Resilience Day.

At the events, officials stressed the importance of reviving this occasion, which has become one of the important and fateful stations in the life of the Yemeni people, who, thanks to God, were able to maintain the legendary steadfastness in the face of an aggressive alliance that harnessed huge military capabilities, logistical support, and global political and media mobilization.

They also praised the steadfastnes and perseverance of the Yemeni people, their army and security, and the popular committees in the face of aggression . They, in addition, praised the growing cohesion of their free sons and their national and political forces as they launched the seventh year of confronting the aggressors and their mercenaries.Therefore, they reached the deterrence balance in light of the strategic developments and transformations witnessed by the defense and offensive military industries that strengthened the strength of the army and the committees Popular on Earth.

The participants in the event appreciated the great victories achieved by the army, security and popular committees, foremost among which was the liberation of what remained of Marib governorate. They also appreciated their sacrficies for the sake of their homeland and its free-loving-people.

قد يعجبك ايضا
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